Who We Are

EVROS is the river that many refugees cross to land in Greece in hopes of a better future in Europe. This inspired us to think about a solution to help those people and their host countries.

Hosting countries need huge investments to sustain refugees. Evros Global aims to alleviate the financial burden of those communities by educating and training refugees in tech skills which will allow them to apply for remote jobs.

We create and develop programs tailored to teach and educate refugees in tech professions. They can then access freelance jobs.

At the end of the course, they will have the job skills to allow them to work remotely. We hope that this will give them a new life, better financial stability, and a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Our Mission​

Creating programs focused on training refugees in those tech skills which open for doors of remote work.

Our Vision

Cooperating with governments all across the world to help them develop training programs dedicated to refugees as a way to alleviate the financial burden weighting on their economies.

Our Values

We have a passion to search, learn and teach what we aim. We’re a great team that learns and teaches together. We are caring for all ideas and trying to apply them. Evros Global have plenty of clear-cut strategies to train and help its trainees. There is a process for trainees to succeed and grow their position and power within the organization.

Training refugees

One of the big challenges that our world faces now is the refugee crisis. According to the 2022 Mid-Year Trends Report of the UN Refugee Agency, there are 32.5 million refugees and 53.1 million internally displaced people.

The Agency also reports that 74% of refugees are hosted in low and middle-income countries. Refugees in some developed hosting countries have relatively better conditions, but those in developing and undeveloped countries struggle to have a decent income. Besides, finding a job is another challenge for refugees after leaving their homes to have a better future.

At this point, we, as Evros Global, aim to help refugees. We are aware of the difficulties that refugees are having in finding a job in the hosting countries. Evros aims to train refugees in those countries to help them gain digital marketing skills to find remote jobs.

Remote work is a good alternative for refugees to have an income. And as we know, digital skills are in high-demand and everyone in the market, from big companies to startups and small businesses, needs digital marketing campaigns.

We believe that gaining skills in digital marketing will help refugees find a remote job. To achieve this, by collaborating with online education companies, we aim to train refugees in the digital marketing field.  


Our Board Members

Kemal Pakatci

Isa Kemal pakatcı

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

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luca gıaretta

Technical Recruiter

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About Us

We create programs focused on training refugees in those tech skills which open for doors of remote work.


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